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Артикул HENGE 8A UBEC Категории ,

HENGE 8A UBEC Output 5V / 6V 6A / 8A Max 12A Inport 7V-25.5V 2-6S Lipo / 6-16 cell Ni-Mh Input Switch Mode BEC for RC Helicopter
Product Specifications:
1 Input voltage: 7V-25.5V(2-6S LIPO/ 6-16 cell Ni-Mh)
2.Output voltage: 5V/6A or 6V/6A
3.Current: 6A peak 8A (less than 15 seconds)
4.Weight: 14g
5. Size: 39 x 21 x 6mm (LxWxH)
Adopt the most advanced synchronous rectification switching power supply control chip design, with over-current and thermal protection, the chip at maximum efficiency as high as 93%
The small size, light weight;
Output current, continuous output current capacity of 6A peak output current capability of 8A, fully guaranteed equipment, demand for electricity;
The output line to configure the filtering magnetic ring, greatly reduces the electromagnetic interference and ensure the receiver to work;
Has a wide voltage range of 7V-25.5V can be within the normal work;
Has a feature to prevent reverse input polarity, input power supply polarity mistake will not damage equipment;
Has a working state indicator, when the output to normal when the indicator light.